Laying Down the French Gauntlet

A friend of mine challenged me to start a blog. Actually she said, “I’m laying down the French Gauntlet” so, I accepted!

I have been cooking professionally for over 16 years and I love every smell, flavor and color that can be put on a plate. It’s creative and exciting and sometimes even wild. The ways to express yourself through flavor, sight and smell are boundless and can bring friends and families together to experience spending time with one another and connect.

I love fresh ingredients and I believe in teaching children to cook and eat at home. Most little kids I know would rather have a beautiful, flavorful home cooked meal than a processed meal. They love the power of knowing how to create a healthy dish and they are eager to share! The trick is knowing what flavors go together and the only way to know that is to start smelling, tasting and cooking. So pick up that French Gauntlet with me and let’s make some Nourishing Eats!post

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