Can’t Stand the Heat!

Making the perfect omelet can make your whole day. Okay maybe not, but I can say that it tastes a whole lot better. The first trick to making the perfect omelet is choosing eggs that are pasture raised and organic. When chickens eat bugs, worms and whatever else chickens like, they lay eggs with beautiful vibrant orange yolks. The shell of an unwashed/unprocessed fresh egg has a special coating on it that allows them to be left out at room temperature and when hardboiled, the shell is more difficult to peel. The flavor is so much better, a good way to test it is to make a hard boiled egg. If you have a friend with chickens that will share eggs or trade, you’ve hit the jackpot!!!

Many people cook their eggs on high heat which can overcook the eggs and make them rubbery. Don’t do that! When I made this omelet I sautéed a teaspoon of chopped shallots in a small knob of butter and then added 2 eggs whisked with a pinch of salt and white pepper. On medium heat I poured the eggs in a large pan and made sure to cover the surface with the egg. I sprinkled a little cheese on top, by this time the egg was setting but still wet, I used a jerking motion to push the pan away from me and then snap it back toward me. This motion will fold the egg over itself. The eggs will continue to cook while you put it on the plate so never cook your eggs until they’re dry. I might put a little goat cheese in mine tomorrow. Everything is better with a little goat cheese.

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