I Can Feel It In My Sole

Lately I have been eating a lot of fish. It’s a combination of it being Lent and wanting my arteries to be happy and healthy. I usually steam or bake my fish in the oven with my “go to” herbs from the garden. I love to use cilantro to make a chutney or salsa, I use rosemary, dill, thyme and oregano. I slice up lemons, smash garlic cloves, thinly slice fennel, leeks or whatever else I have on hand and throw it in the oven! This Friday I thought we were going to have tuna sandwiches for dinner, no shade tuna I love you, instead I found some Dover Sole I had stashed in the freezer from my happy jaunt to Trader Joe’s. I hadn’t made Sole Meunière in a long time so out came the French butter, fresh lemons and the flour. By the way if you’re searching for a great French butter Prèsident is available in supermarkets directly from France. I firmly believe I am responsible for it coming to the United States simply because I missed good butter so badly. I would secretly pray for good butter and bagels to arrive in Florida and fourteen years later it showed up at my local Publix. I did that…I willed the butter to come to me.

Some chefs will use clarified butter or ghee. With the milk fats removed butter can be used to cook at higher temperatures. If you have ever cooked with butter and seen little black bits in your pan, those are the milk fats or solids that have been burned. There is a fine line between creating the sweet round smell of hazelnut butter and the acrid smell of burnt butter. I rinsed my filets, patted them dry and lightly salted and floured them. Using my clarified butter, (just melt butter and separate the clear butter from the solids that have sunk to the bottom) on medium high heat I sautéed the Sole for about six minutes on each side. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Really, squeezy some lemon on it and enjoy!


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  1. Staci Barnett says:

    We love Dover Sole! I do get nervous cooking with only butter!!! It usually always turns out burnt. It was very interesting how you explained the different butters. Presidents Butter is my jam too!!!! I found the Irish Butter to be less creamy tasting.


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