Le Sandwich – Hey Booboo, what’s in your Pic-a-nic basket?

School is back in session and it’s time for me to get back to a routine and leave the lazy days of summer behind me. Actually, you are going to have to rip summer out of my cold dead hands, but I guess what has to be done…has to be done.

I’m still clinging to every last bit of summer I can get, but now I’m back to making daily healthy lunches for my son Quinn. I’m lucky because he grew up on stinky cheese and green veggies and fish and even paté. His time in France, Germany and Belgium visiting family has also exposed him to good wholesome food and the rule at my table has always been, “You don’t have to eat it, but you do have to try it.” I don’t mind if you need to pitoueeey that food into a napkin… I’m proud of you for giving it a shot!


In France, I could always grab a “Saahhhnndweeech” at the local boulangerie. The fresh bread and simple ingredients made it so delicious. Of course, you would never eat le sandwich every day for lunch because, “c’est pas bon pour la santé” it’s not good for your health. I try to pack hot lunches, fish, ratatouille, chicken curry, as often as possible.

My favorite sandwich is a simple Jambon beurre. Ham and good quality salted butter with a single piece of ham. Another good go-to sandwich is the Crudité. This one is hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato and a little mayo. Sometimes it has cucumber in it too!

Procuitto and brie with a little mustard makes my head spin it’s so yummy. I like to wrap le sandwich in parchment paper and tie a little string around it. These are great for a picnic, or on a Saturday sitting on the sidelines! Bon Appetit!19055180_10212866783814983_3681678537767451252_o


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