Smoooth. Like buttah.

Using good ingredients makes all the difference in the flavor and the quality of the food we are putting into our bodies. In my book, better quality means simple ingredients that are grown without using chemicals, pesticides, are non-GMO and as close to the way God intended!

Sometimes it’s not easy to find all the requirements we put onto to our food, but I have put together a few products that I love, and I will continue to share more in the future.

First of all… butter.


When I lived in France this is the brand I used to buy. It is so flavorful, great for cooking and baking.


Check out the ingredients! Pasturized cream, salt, cultures. You can’t get any better than that!

My favorite mustard is also a pantry staple. I keep jars of this around in case I need to whip up a sauce, a vinaigrette, a marinade or just eat it with a beautiful steak or pork.


They carry this at my local Publix supermarket and also have big jars of it at World market!

The vinegar I use is not fancy or expensive. I like the Alessi brand. They have a lot of interesting flavor choices too.


It’s always nice to add a bit of Fleur de Sel onto your food for a heightened bit of flavor. If you’ve never tried it, you will love experimenting with it.

I usually use this right before serving on meats, fish and poultry. I swoon over fleur de sel on duck breast!  This would be wonderful in brownies or on top of a freshly baked tarte tatin!


Just a little sprinkle on top of some créme fraîche with fresh strawberries, yum!

I’m sure you can find many uses for these products, I use them everyday! Enjoy!

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